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Speed up software development by 50% with MAD services

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speed up software development 50% MAD services
The need to build flexible, scalable, and resilient architecture and applications gets more urgent every year. Meanwhile, many companies have difficulty hiring senior software development resources with shrinking budgets and growing technology roadmaps. Modern Application Development (MAD) services are a new solution technology leaders use to speed up software development, save money on infrastructure costs, and build better customer experiences. 

For example, if you can find a MAD services provider to implement Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS), you get some huge benefits: 
  • 50% increase in the speed of software development
  • 228 percent return on investment (ROI) in three years
  • 40 percent reduction in app and dev-related infrastructure costs

That’s because migrating to Azure PaaS cloud platform gives your team a fully managed application platform to build, deploy, and manage applications from. This is a huge step forward in digital transformation efforts, but you still need senior agile resources to migrate you to Azure PaaS while your internal software engineering team keeps pace on their roadmap. 

That’s where MAD services come in. You can partner with an external senior agile development team to design and execute this cloud platform migration while your development team stays focused.

What are modern application development (MAD) services??

Modern Application Development (MAD) services are an approach to software development that enables rapid innovation using a multitude of technologies and tools. It centers on cloud-native architectures, leveraging the benefits of loosely coupled microservices, APIs, fully managed data operations, AI and Machine Learning, DevOps and CI/CD tools, senior software engineers and agile product development resources.

MAD services cover a range of technologies, platforms, methodologies, and professional services that enable you to design, develop, deploy, and manage modern applications faster. These services create scalable, responsive, flexible software solutions that meet the evolving needs of your users and business in the digital era.

Main areas of MAD services

  • Cloud-native architecture and development
  • Microservices and containerization
  • APIs and developer gateways
  • AI/ML implementation
  • Fully managed cloud data solutions
  • DevOps and CI/CD tools

Each of these areas requires senior expertise you have to hire for – either internally or externally. There’s a long list of benefits when you work with a MAD services provider instead of waiting 6-18 months to hire and maintain a new internal software engineering team. 

Benefits of MAD services that CIOs care about

  1. Expertise and experience – MAD service providers are up-to-date with modern application development technologies, tools, and best practices. They have extensive experience and bring a broader perspective with innovative solutions to your roadmap.
  2. Faster time-to-market — Speed up the development and delivery of software applications to get products and services to market faster.
  3. Cost savings — Reduce costs associated with application development and maintenance with teams of developers on a project-by-project basis instead of hiring and maintaining a full-time staff of developers and agile product experts.
  4. Improved software quality — MAD services follow best practices such as Agile methodologies and DevOps practices, which leads to higher quality software, scalable backend tooling, and faster delivery.
  5. Increased efficiency — More efficient and cost effective software development process from teams of skilled developers with a wide range of expertise.
  6. Better security and data governance — Get the latest security best practices built in to secure your software applications and protect sensitive business and customer data. 
  7. Improved scalability — Build and deploy software applications on cloud-based infrastructure and flexible microservices, delivering greater scalability and flexibility.

Why should I hire a MAD services provider vs hiring in-house?

You need to start hitting milestones on your roadmap next quarter, not next year. Hiring, onboarding, and getting senior software engineers up to speed can take 6-18 months. 

Building an expert team that knows cloud-native development, APIs, Kubernetes and Docker, and Agile DevOps is expensive, increases headcount, and delays your roadmap. Here are some of the common reasons CIOs and VPs of engineering choose to hire MAD services providers instead of investing in new internal teams.

  • You need to build software now, not next year
  • You want to scale your development capacity quickly
  • You don’t have time to hire and train internal development teams
  • You have a budget for external resources but can’t afford to add headcount
  • You haven’t been able to hire for the right product skill sets
  • You need enterprise experts who’ve done the work before

On top of satisfying timeline, scale, and budget requirements, MAD services providers have already built complex solutions across every area of technology you need to implement. You don’t have to train them to start on a new AI or machine learning initiative; you just have to orient them to your internal processes and let them start delivering value.

MAD services solutions for enterprises and venture-funded companies

Every company on a digital transformation journey is facing the same challenges. Migrating to the cloud, integrating legacy systems, implementing microservices and containerization, building AI and ML capabilities, managing vast amounts of data in the cloud… The list goes on. And each one of those areas requires a high level of specialization and experience from senior software engineers and agile product experts.

The demand for senior software engineering resources is so high 41% of companies are paying external teams to build software solutions to avoid delaying their roadmap (Linux Foundation’s 2022 annual jobs report). 

Here are the kinds of solutions you can hire a MAD services provider to build for you:

  • Cloud-native architecture and development – Data warehousing, web apps, microservices, and anything your business needs can migrate into the cloud. Develop new cloud apps, migrate enterprise systems to the cloud, and eliminate physical infrastructure while increasing scale.
  • Enterprise integrations – Upgrade the operating system for your business. Integrate back office, enterprise software like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.
  • Ecommerce & online ordering – Build payments features, mobile apps, APIs, back office tools, and customer service platforms — if it’s an ecommerce feature, we can build it at any scale.
  • Machine Learning, AI & robotics – Create solutions for machine learning, AI apps, natural language processing, LLM, speech recognition, computer vision, and robotics.
  • APIs, developer portals & dev tools – Deploy new features more effectively with developer tools, APIs, and developer portals that improve collaboration for external and internal dev teams.
  • Dashboards & visualizations – Find actionable insights with central dashboards and data visualizations to monitor your workflows, apps, and business.
  • Data pipelines & workflows – Connect data sources with pipelines, build custom data workflows, increase data quality, and make data useful to the business.

See anything from your product roadmap on that list? Chances are you have projects that fall under many of them or every one of those categories. If you’re trying to deliver these solutions but struggling with resource constraints and timelines, MAD services might be the best way to unblock your roadmap. 

Dive into this MAD services guide to learn more

Consulting and external development teams aren’t new, but the professional level and quality work delivered by MAD services providers are. That’s because they know the core architecture and technology approaches that every modern business needs to transform legacy systems and scale their customer experiences.

Codingscape exists to build world-class software solutions, fast. Instead of waiting 6-18 months to hire and train a team, we can assemble a team of senior product development experts for you and start working on your roadmap by next quarter. 

We’re part of the new market of MAD services providers and put together a free guide to explain the MAD services landscape and its benefits. It’ll help whether you choose to work with us or someone else. Want to speed up your software development by 50%, save money on app development and infrastructure costs, and deploy better customer experiences?

Download our MAD services guide to learn how.

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