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Medium and Reddit Get Embedded Surveys and Polls

Read Time 5 mins | Written by: Cole

Medium and Reddit Get Embedded Surveys and Polls


The Codingscape team developed a rich integration with Medium, Reddit, Storify and other platforms to integrate embedded surveys and polls within each platform’s feeds and posts.

This integration was created through the oEmbed standard and was one of the first polling integrations before many social media platforms had their own polling solutions.

These oEmbed integrations were used by tens of thousands of publishers across Medium, Reddit, and individual media websites such as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.


Medium Example:


About Medium

Medium is a social blogging platform launched in 2012 by Ev Williams & Biz Stone. It allows users to post content and follow topics. Posts are sorted onto the homepage based on algorithms assessing factors such as recency, engagement, recommendations etc. Medium encourages users to post a mix of professional and non-professional content, but emphasizes quality over quantity.

In recent years, it's shifted focus towards paid content with features like Sponsored stories in Aug '17 & Paid claps since Mar '19. As of Jun '20, select few authors become eligible to participate in Medium's Partner Program getting a share of revenue for each view. On Jan 18, 2023 Medium opened it's doors for all.  Medium has built its tech stack with low costs - under $0.5m supporting ~1B monthly API calls with sub-second latency.


Reddit Example:


About Reddit

Reddit was founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alejandro Ohanian, who were inspired by the idea that everyone should have a voice online. The website consists of millions of communities, known as "subreddits," focused on various topics ranging from news, entertainment, technology, gaming, politics, sports and many more.

Users submit text, images, videos, and other types of media that other members vote up or down, determining how visible the content is on the site. Reddit makes money mostly from advertising and has been growing rapidly as a source of internet traffic and cultural influence.

Due to its massive reach and diverse user base, Reddit has faced criticism for spreading misinformation, hate speech, and harassment, leading the company to take steps to address these problems while maintaining its commitment to openness and free expression.

Despite challenges, Reddit remains an essential part of online culture, hosting discussions on important issues and providing opportunities for people to connect and express themselves across the world.


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Cole is Codingscape's Content Marketing Strategist & Copywriter.