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Find Codingscape at Manifest Vegas for custom software solutions

Read Time 3 mins | Written by: Cole

Manifest Vegas brings together global leaders in supply chain and logistics – with speakers from companies like DHL, PepsiCo, and Microsoft. Manifest starts on Monday and we’ll be there to help leaders cut costs, figure out AI for logistics and supply chain, and build new solutions to replace (or integrate) legacy technology. 

We build digital solutions for billion-dollar companies like Veho and global end-to-end logistics companies. Codingscape made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies for software development and we deploy senior software teams in 4-6 weeks. We’re more cost-efficient than internal hiring, don’t offshore your work, and deliver high-quality results quickly.

If you have a technology roadmap that needs built this year without hiring more internal resources, come talk to us.

Why talk with Codingscape at Manifest Vegas?

  • You need to build software now, not next year
  • You want to scale your development capacity quickly
  • You don’t have time to hire and train internal development teams
  • You have a budget for external resources but can’t afford to add headcount
  • You haven’t been able to hire for the right product skill sets
  • You need enterprise experts who can build scalable, flexible software and systems

Technology problems we solve in logistics and supply chain

  • Supply chain analytics and intelligence
  • Fully managed data solutions
  • AI-powered predictive maintenance
  • IoT solutions for real-time tracking
  • Automated and smart warehousing solutions
  • Cloud-based supply chain management platforms
  • Customized ecommerce logistics solutions
  • Sustainable supply chain solutions
  • Last-mile delivery solutions

Modern application development services we provide

  • AI/ML design and implementation
  • Cloud-native architecture and development
  • Microservices and containerization
  • APIs-first design and developer gateways
  • DevOps and CI/CD tools
  • Ecommerce & online ordering
  • Fully managed cloud data solutions
  • Enterprise integrations 


Find Codingscape at Manifest Vegas

You can find us on the way to the speakers for each of the different tracks. Come talk to us about building custom solutions, implementing AI, and replacing monolithic systems – all while cutting costs. 

Our team will be available to talk through your problems and we can even start a statement of work (SOW) so that you can see how much your work will cost. 

Codingscape Booth Number: 1329

  • Tuesday, February 6th: 10 am - 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday, February 7th: 10 am - 5:30pm

If you know you’ll be there and want to schedule ahead of time – schedule a time with Brad Horspool below.



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