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Codingscape partners with 'After Midnight' w/ Taylor Tomlinson

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Codingscape partners with 'After Midnight' w/ Taylor Tomlinson



This is not a joke. Thanks to a partnership enabled by Mutual Markets, Codingscape is co-marketing with After Midnight with Taylor Tomlinson. We wanted to reach a new generation of professionals and give them an alternative to boomer consultancies like McKinsey.

Old school consultants from McKinsey, Deloitte, and Accenture will try to sell you a fancy PowerPoint on Generative AI, tell you to fire people, and offshore your code.  People finally know better and they want a different kind of consultancy. 

Codingscape is different.

Only trust consultants that code

We don't just charge you for a fancy PowerPoint and offshore the code - we actually do the work we spec for you. Codingscape can get started in 4-6 weeks and we build high quality software fast. 

You’ll only work with US-based teams of senior software engineers, product and project management pros, and seasoned UX/UI designers. No junior level programmers or Ivy League MBA grads posing as product managers.

Our senior software teams work in US time zones have built software for some of the biggest companies in the world Zappos, Amazon, Twilio, and a few others we can't name.

To prove it, we're offering After Midnight viewers a free tech audit with Codingscape CTO Jimmy Jacobson. Talk with him directly to estimate what it might cost to develop (or fix) your code. You can also use the audit to evaluate code you're outsourcing and not sure about.

Just fill in a simple form and we'll reach out to schedule a time for your free audit

Why 'After Midnight'? 


After Midnight with Taylor Tomlinson is the smartest show on TV about the dumbest things on the internet.

After Midnight is a reboot of @Midnight with Chris Hardwick that was on Comedy Central back in the Nerdist days. Taylor Tomlinson is really funny (watch her stand up on Netflix) and not afraid to take on the active After Midnight Subreddit.

Codingscape wants people to build custom software the smart way, which makes this partnership with CBS Paramount+ and Mutual Markets a great fit.

Forget the old-school, stuffy consulting vibes – we're here to help you build modern software fast so you can scale your business.

Sign up for the free audit with CTO Jimmy Jacobson here.

Read the full press release here:

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