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Codingscape CTO wins 2023 Vegas Top Tech Award

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Codingscape CTO wins 2023 Vegas Top Tech Award

Each year since 2010, Cox Business presents the top tech awards to acknowledge Las Vegas business leaders. This year’s Vegas Top Tech Awards were presented in partnership with Vegas INC at Allegiant Stadium. Jimmy Jacobson, Codingscape CTO, won the 13th annual Vegas Top Tech award for a private small and medium sized business. 

Jimmy was chosen from a pool of 100 Las Vegas technology business leaders. He stood out for his commitment to the tech community in Vegas and role in growing Codingscape into one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in 2023.

codingscape cto jimmy jacobson vegas tech award smb community

“Jimmy's passion for this community has been demonstrated time and time again as he aims to develop the best tech talent here in Southern Nevada.”
-Cox Business

Growing the Vegas tech community

codingscape cto jimmy jacobson vegas tech award smb community growth

Jimmy supports the Vegas tech community in every way he can – from giving career day talks at local high schools to creating opportunities for the next generation of Vegas software engineers

“When another company laid off hundreds of tech workers in 2022, Jacobson fought to keep local talent in Las Vegas by helping to place individuals in need with local companies when possible and elsewhere when not.”
-Cox Business

Codingscape partnered with the UNLV Education and Engineering departments to run the first dual enrollment opportunity in computer science for Las Vegas high school students.

While Jimmy is central to this partnership, a University professor and several Codingscape engineers volunteered their time to support the program – which already has over 100 applicants.

In 2024, Jimmy and Codingscape senior software engineers will work closely with these students, offering internships on projects and mentoring them.

What is Codingscape?

codingscape cto jimmy jacobson vegas tech award smb codingscape growth

The second tech business that Jimmy co-founded in Las Vegas, Codingscape is a modern consultancy solving global technology problems while putting people first. Zappos, Twilio, and Veho are just a few companies that trust Codingscape to build their technology ecosystems with a remote-first approach.

Codingscape helps their partners build technology roadmaps faster and more efficiently with senior software engineers, product managers, and technologists. While it can take 6-18 months for companies to hire internal teams, Codingscape can start in 4-6 weeks and delivers the highest quality software development.

The remote-first company has already provided jobs for over 70 people and is growing fast – making Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies in 2023.

Codingscape on 2023 Inc. list of fastest growing companies

codingscape cto jimmy jacobson vegas tech award smb codingscape inc 5000Codingscape ranked #550 overall on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list. They were #77 in Software, #4 in Nevada, and #3 in Las Vegas.

“While Zoom and other major companies are sending employees back to the office, we’re showing what happy, remote-first teams can accomplish at scale,” says CTO Jimmy Jacobson, “Especially when you stick to your values while prioritizing quality solutions, employee development, and client relationships vs compromising those for short-term profits.”

Unlike other software consultancies, Codingscape works in US time zones, doesn't outsource software development, and partners with companies for long-term success.

How did Codingscape do it?

  • Senior software engineering teams that deploy in 4-6 weeks
  • Happy, remote-first teams
  • Working in US time zones
  • Deep technical expertise and experience
  • Consistent communication & value delivery
  • Put people first

CTOs, CIOs, and VPs of Engineering engage Codingscape to complete their product and technology roadmaps faster and more efficiently. Jimmy and the CS team are currently building AI enterprise capabilities for partners and planning 2024 roadmaps. 

Want to learn more from Jimmy Jacobson and follow Codingscape’s growth? 

Follow Jimmy on LinkedIn

Jimmy uses LinkedIn to share insights on AI, software development, running a business, and supporting your local tech community.

Follow Jimmy and talk with him here.

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*All photos from: Greenspun Media Group

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