Outsourced Software Development

Run this playbook to succeed with any outsourced team.

Build production-ready enterprise software

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Outsourcing software development is hard. It’s notorious for failure, abandoned products, and ballooning costs. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can outsource software development and save money, speed up product delivery, and accomplish your roadmap goals. 

We’re going to skip trying to convince you to work with us and just give you the knowledge to do it yourself. We use everything in this playbook to run our software projects (especially the Kickoff Checklist). You can have it. 

You deserve to get the production-ready enterprise software you expect from your teams – whether you work with us or not. 

Here’s what you’ll get in this playbook:

  • TLDR: most important things everyone gets wrong
  • Kickoff Checklist (makes or breaks software development) 
  • One-page product template to guide your product strategy 
  • Communication necessities for product delivery
  • 11 artifacts to manage outsourced software teams
  • How to handle software documentation
  • Onboarding steps to speed up work
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