MADs guide for enterprise

Learn how to transform your business faster with modern application development (MAD) services

Speed up software development by 50%

Hire a MAD services provider

Migrating to the cloud, integrating legacy systems, implementing microservices and containerization, building AI and ML capabilities, managing vast amounts of data in the cloud… The list goes on. 

Each one of those areas requires a high level of specialization and experience from senior software engineers and agile product experts.

But, the demand for senior software engineering resources is so high 41% of companies are paying external teams to build software solutions to avoid delaying their roadmap (Linux Foundation’s 2022 annual jobs report).

Those companies hire MAD services providers to speed up software development, save money on infrastructure costs, and build better customer experiences. 

What you get in this guide:

  • Learn what Modern Application Development (MAD) services are
  • See MAD services benefits like faster-time-to-market, cost savings, etc. 
  • Why you should hire MAD services provider vs. hiring in house
  • Outline of enterprise solutions you can get from MAD services
  • FAQ about working with MAD services providers
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