AI in Enterprise
2023 Report

Learn about enterprise AI and where to focus in 2024.

Enterprise AI adoption is just getting started

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After a wild ride of generative AI developments in 2023, enterprise adoption is just getting started. While there’s still a lot of hype in AI, it’s already changed how we work, build software, and think about technology.

This Enterprise AI Report is a collection of what we think is important in AI from 2023 – from the most powerful LLMs to the growing open source AI ecosystem and how to hire AI experts.

We'll also cover what companies are actually building behind all the hype and common AI investments in 2024.

Here’s what you’ll get in this free report: 

  • Four other influential 2023 AI industry reports
  • List of the biggest companies in enterprise AI
  • 12 key AI definitions you need to know
  • Catalog of powerful LLMs that run generative AI
  • Outline of the growing open source AI ecosystem
  • What AI capabilities enterprises are actually building
  • Biggest challenges in AI for enterprises
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