Case Study

Clientbook gets agile team to build mobile payments feature for Q4 rush



Clientbook wanted a system for customers to interact with associates throughout the buying journey by allowing them to purchase via a link in SMS, WhatsApp, and email. Our team built a product roadmap, integrated with Clientbook environments, and got to work.

Services we provided:

  • 6-person agile team
  • Tight Q4 timeline – 3.5 month engagement
  • Product roadmap
  • User experience designs
  • Product management
  • Clientbook Payments feature with backing API and systems integration by Q4


Clientbook is a mobile app to facilitate easy clienteling by high-ticket retail sales associates. By using Clientbook, retailers gain visibility and control over the customer experience, resulting in more store visits, better sales conversion rates, and higher average dollar sales.

Clientbook required a mobile payments system for their customers to interact with associates throughout the buying journey by allowing them to purchase via a link in SMS, Whatsapp, and email.

The process was managed remotely from start to finish due to Covid-19 and geography. Our team delivered sprint demo videos before demo meetings so that all stakeholders could review and sprints kept up the needed velocity. While this was a tight-timeline project that would usually be trusted to an internal product team, Codingscape delivered

Clientbook Payments and helped Clientbook’s customers get more value from Q4. 



Clientbook had to build a new mobile payments feature before the Q4 holiday sales season and they didn’t have the engineering resources to do it.

They needed a whole agile software team to complete the work, didn’t have time to hire internally, and decided to partner with Codingscape to build the product feature before the holiday retail rush.


Codingscape recommended an initial 3.5-month engagement that included:

  • Building a product roadmap that would be executed for the mobile payments feature
  • Completing user experience designs for the payments feature
  • Implementing the product roadmap
  • Incorporating any feedback or changes after launch.  
  • The designs included a Codingscape “Know Your Customer” onboarding experience. If you’re curious how that works, we’re happy to tell you about it.

Codingscape delivered a 6-person remote agile team that included senior front and backend developers, a designer and a product manager. Our team managed multiple environments through the development, testing, and production deploy of the payments feature for Clientbook.

Clientbook selected the Bluesnap Payments and Marketplace API to power the integration. Integration with the API and testing with the newer Marketplace API added an extra month to delivery of the project. Once finished, the Payments feature went into Beta testing with Clientbook and then quickly launched. 

The entire process was managed remotely, due to Covid-19 and geography. The US-based Codingscape team collaborated both in person and asynchronously. After starting with a very tight timeline, Clientbook had a new revenue generating feature for the holiday sales season.


Engagement Details

Team Composition
  • 6 person Agile team
  • Completed: 3.5 months
Project Stats
  • Clientbook Payments feature with backing API and systems integration by Q4
Product & Project Management
  • Product roadmap
  • User experience designs
  • Agile product management


Payments feature built in time for Q4 rush

The Payments Feature was a project with a tight timeline that would normally be tackled by an internal product team at most companies. Clientbook was able to parallelize this feature by working with Codingscape product manager, designer, and senior engineers.


  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • React / Gatsby
  • MySQL
  • AWS 
  • Docker Containers
  • Github Actions
  • Bluesnap Payment APIs