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Find Codingscape at HIMSS Orlando for custom healthcare software solutions

Read Time 5 mins | Written by: Cole

Codingscape at HIMSS Orlando for healthcare software solutions

We'll be at HIMSS on March 11-15 in Orlando to help healthcare IT leaders design and build custom software solution to create the future of patient care. 

Codingscape designs and builds digital healthcare solutions that modernize legacy systems, enable seamless interoperability, and personalize patient care with AI. We combine cloud-native development, fully managed data, and API-first design to create secure, flexible healthcare systems, apps, and patient services.

Recent healthcare AI solutions:

  • Healthcare resource AI chatbot for women that references PubMed articles to respond to user inquiries on women’s health.
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapies AI chatbot that helps patients learn about psychedelic-assisted therapies, find local ketamine clinics, and discover psychedelic therapies around the globe.

Technology problems we solve in healthcare

  • Custom AI chatbots for patients and staff: Design and build custom AI chatbots for secure patient care and compliant internal LLMs for employee productivity and efficiency.
  • Personalize patient experiences with AI: Use AI to personalize patient care and communications with patient portals, personalized treatment plans, AI-powered chatbots, educational resources, medication adherence guidance, and reminders for preventative screenings.
  • API-first systems interoperability: Develop API-driven integration platforms using FHIR standards to seamlessly connect disparate systems and enable seamless data exchange across systems, apps, and institutions.
  • Modernize legacy infrastructure & outdated systems: Design and execute cloud migration strategies, modernize core systems with microservices architecture, and adopt containerization for a scalable and adaptable cloud-native infrastructure.
  • Telehealth and patient engagement: Expand secure telehealth services and remote patient monitoring capabilities to increase access to care and keep patients engaged.
  • Data security and compliance: Implement robust cybersecurity frameworks, leverage AI for real-time threat detection, and design secure systems for digitization of patient records, storage, and access control.
  • Cloud data and AI predictive analytics: Leverage cloud-based data management and AI-based predictive analytics technologies to enhance decision-making, patient care, and research capabilities.
  • Digital process automation: Leverage AI, digital automation, and other digital tools to eliminate repetitive tasks, replace paper-based workflows, streamline healthcare operations, reduce costs, and improve care delivery.

Why talk with Codingscape at HIMSS?

Multi-billion dollar companies partner with Codingscape for technical leadership and to build their software and systems with a remote-first approach. We made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies for software development and deploy senior software teams in 4-6 weeks. Codingscape is more cost-efficient than internal hiring, doesn't offshore your work, and delivers high-quality results quickly.

  • You need to build software now, not next year
  • You want to scale your development capacity quickly
  • You don’t have time to hire and train internal development teams
  • You have a budget for external resources but can’t afford to add headcount
  • You haven’t been able to hire for the right product skill sets
  • You need enterprise experts who can build scalable, flexible software and systems

Modern application development services we provide

  • AI/ML design and implementation
  • Cloud-native architecture and development
  • Microservices and containerization
  • APIs-first design and developer gateways
  • DevOps and CI/CD tools
  • Fully managed cloud data solutions
  • Systems integrations 

Find Codingscape at HIMMS

Come talk to us about building interoperable healthcare solutions, implementing AI for patient personalization, and replacing monolithic systems – all while cutting costs. 

Codingscape Booth Number: 5560

Our team will be available to talk through your problems and we can even start a statement of work (SOW) so that you can see how much your work will cost. 

If you want to schedule ahead of time – schedule a time with Brad Horspool below.



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