Product Manager

Codingscape seeks a Product Manager who is an excellent communicator and wants to collaborate with Codingscape’s Partners, designers, development team, and clients.

A Codingscape Product Manager:

  • Can talk about previous projects or features they have delivered and the varying processes used
  • Turns stakeholder requirements into roadmaps, story maps, and agile user stories.
  • Is an excellent communicator with both developers, stakeholders, and often times C-level executives, written and spoken.
  • Is remote-first and excels at coordinating with remote teams and stakeholders.
  • Is comfortable working on multiple workstreams at the same time.
  • Is accustomed to high-level team estimation and milestones throughout projects to continually have a sense of delivery timing, and if this matches up with client expectations.
  • Is organized and regimented to run a detailed, prioritized, and current backlog.
  • Is always working towards clarity with Codingscape projects and clients.
  • Has a balance of vision and execution but with a bias towards execution.
  • Must be an expert communicator with the team and clients, and have good negotiation skills.
  • Must be a good self-motivator and self-regulator.

Codingscape Product Manager are well paid and serve a very important role within the Codingscape team.

About Codingscape

Codingscape is a custom software development team that has been working with front and back-end web solutions for over 20 years.

Codingscape’s Partners have worked with world-class organizations on some of their most important software projects. These include powering live websites for the Obama White House during the State of the Union Address, Amazon and their technical migration of Zappos to their platform, and with dozens of media organizations like WSJ, USA Today, CBS on their websites and apps. Codingscape’s Partners sold their previous company to Tinder/IAC Group to help power their advertising platform within their mobile apps.

Codingscape prides itself on the following qualities:

  • Having the appropriate resources on hand to solve the most complex technical problems.
  • Being able to hit client deadlines the first time, at a high quality.
  • Employing Senior US-based Software Engineers that are experts in their field.
  • Helping align our client’s technical objectives with their business goals and helping them meet both on time and on budget.
  • Building world-class software that is reliable and useful even after Codingscape has completed our work.
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