We believe software development should lead to measurable growth for your business, that it can happen faster than you’re used to, and that working with senior agile teams in your time zone makes those things possible.

We want to create a world where technology is built quickly and well, companies always have enough engineering and product resources, and the best software developers, product managers, UX designers, are working remotely, building exciting things, and collaborating with great people.

What to Expect Working with Codingscape

  • Our agile teams and engineering resources are more cost-effective than your fully burdened costs with recruiting, health insurance, and other employee benefits.
  • You’re billed only for the hours of work that gets done, not empty hours just to get paid for the estimated quote total. If we don’t use the full resources we quoted for your project, you won’t be billed for the hours.
  • Working directly with our agile product teams – Exclusively senior engineers, product managers, and UX designers.
  • Software that supports company growth and aligns with your goals – our partners include Roblox, Twilio, and Zappos.
  • Expertise in your technologies – APIs, javascript, node.js, cypress, react, ruby on rails, etc., and cloud technologies like AWS and Azure.
  • Work and collaboration in US time zones.
  • Fast onboarding and quality code finished on-time and on-budget – often faster than internal prioritization. Leverage our team to document onboarding for new developers to your team.
  • Productive, happy, and enjoyable-to-work-with agile teams and senior software engineers.

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Meet the Codingscape Team

We’re a group of architects, senior engineers, product people, and designers who love challenging projects and building high-quality software. We work in US time zones and are looking forward to collaborating on your next project.